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How to install Bluestacks on pc with 1GB RAM

For installing bluestacks on pc with 1GB of RAM

1: you have to download full version of bluestacks link: full bluestacks

2:Download and install msi orca editor

3:In the context menu select file of bluestacks app player which you downloaded edit with orca

4:In launchcondition remove the line installd or physicalmemory>=1024

5:In instalExecutesequence remove the line Chackmsisignature

6:In property GLMODE change the parameter to false

7: Save Package
After installation,sure to put the amount of RAM allocated to bluestacks no more then there is free RAM or do not start 300mb is enough to run
HKEY_LOCAL\SOFTWARE\BLUESTACKS\Guests\Android memory option in Decimal system


  1. software not open in my system

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