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BlueStacks App Player v0.8.6.3059 + Rooted

Bluestacks App Player is a Android Emuleter that allows you to use your favorite smartphone apps,games on your windows pc our mac you can download any android apps like angry birds,temple run,whatsapp,
our sync apps from your phone using bluestacks cloud connect android app


  • Android apps fast and full-screen on your PC or tablet
  • Push apps from your phone to your BlueStacks using our Cloud Connect mobile app
  • May not work fast yet on older tablets and netbooks
  • Download apps from Google Play
  • Comes with pre-installed games
  • play 3d games with sd data
  • install apps from your pc at the touch 
System Requirements:

     To run 3d games need support virtualization technology IntelR VT-x or AMD-V
     To install bluestacks need graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 or Higher
     To start bluestacks need minimum 1GB of RAM

Download links:
     Normal version:BlueStacks App Player v0.8.6.3059

    Rooted version: Rooted Bluestacks App Player v0.8.6.3059



  1. about the rooted version where is the old phone setting to geting big size ang small?

  2. what is the minimum requiement to this vm?

  3. my pc is core 2 duo but its not working on it i tried very much if u have any idea tell me ?

  4. i cant able to see wallpaper wat to do

  5. root acess not working , its only for showing purpose but root in itself doesnt work ....
    ive tried some apps with root acess and none of them have been worked

  6. for prerooted bluestacks go to http://getbest4u.blogspot.in/2014/04/install-android-on-pc-bluestack-problem.html

  7. Replies
    1. uninstall "russian for keyobard" using titanium backup
      and use another launcher

  8. can u pls give mediafire link or any other Links to rooted Version because i am not able to Download Rooted Version from the Link given above. Plz help ASAP. tHANKS

  9. rooted version wont load past initialization screen help????

  10. i use mostly tinder but im white under average so it suck
    maybe this article can help on how to instal it use it http://reviewhills.blogspot.no/
    hope some one find it useful

  11. Download Android Apps for bluestack at http://www.apkmos.com

  12. This is the old version which a lot of bugs. I recommend you guys to get the latest here www.rootbluestacks.blogspot.com no bugs and no need to install manually

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  14. BlueStacks is best App player available for both windows and mac to enjoy android apps and games on pc. Thanks bro for sharing